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Covenant Fellowship

"God's character, God's revelation, and God's will have not changed although time and culture have. It is our responsibility to accept the unequaled task of exhorting and reproving on the behalf of Christ." (Titus 1:9)
​John MacArthur

Webster's Dictionary defines covenant as "a coming together". It infers that two or more parties have come together in agreement on promises, privileges and responsibilities. 

The Covenant Church Fellowship is a group of churches from various regions that have entered into covenant relationships. At the heart of the covenant is love and fellowship with the end goal of strengthening one another. Each leader of the covenant churches is submitted one to the other, and has granted to the other the authority to speak into their lives the word and purpose of God, demonstrating followership, leadership, and accountability principles.

Greater Faith's Founder, Pastor Elton Hall, Jr. connected Greater Faith with Apostle Lewis Fisher, Jr., Pastor of the Blanchard's Grove Baptist Church, Hobbsville, NC and requested him to serve as the overseer for Greater Faith, which in turn, connected Greater Faith to the Covenant Churches.  Apostle Fisher serves as Greater Faith’s covering, which reinforces the church's accountability to God and offers a greater level of wisdom and counsel. He, along with the Covenant Churches, provide spiritual guidance, leadership, support, and resources to help strengthen our local church. 

Pastor Wanda Hall Carter continued this divine connection with Apostle Fisher and the Covenant Churches even into her affirmation and service as Senior Pastor. With the Covenant support, Pastor Carter, her husband Elder Ronald Carter, continue to serve this congregation and community aligned with the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20).

Reaching the Masses in India, Ghana, and Pakistan and Nigeria

It is in this season and this hour that God is strategically placing His people in a position to reach the world for His glory. Indeed what an honor it is! Apostle Lewis Fisher, Jr. has been afforded the privilege of virtually preaching the gospel message and building a ministry to churches in India, Pakistan Ghana, and Nigeria. He is moved by the passion of the people of God and the thirst for His Word. They come into the worship fellowship service with a thirst to know more about this God who saves.


For more about our covenant international partnerships, click the link below.


Here's how you can join us in praying for  our International Partnerships



Pakistan- Pray the churches there continue to have the desire to learn more about God’s word, even under the direst circumstances. Pray that God will grant Apostle Fisher the wisdom to know how to best serve and support Pastor Irfan.


Pray for a continued thirst for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray the people of India would have the medical services they need and that women would be safe from conditions of domestic violence and rape.



Ghana- Pray for the local villages and communities as they begin to church plant. Pray for improving conditions in the prison system where they can assist with overcrowding and increasing health concerns. Pray for the local orphanages and the installation of much-needed water systems.


Nigeria- Pray for the country overall and for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Pray that their local villages would be able to receive the resources they need to better their living conditions.

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